Inspiring creativity through sound

What does a sound look like?

Use your imagination and draw a unique collection of sounds from award-winning Sound Designer David Kamp.

✏️ Try it now – with 3 sounds to draw for free!

Is it big? smooth? wriggly? curved or spiky? 

Draw Sounds allows you to access an exclusive, growing range of 60 sounds to draw. Use your pen and paper, tablet, or whatever you have available!

Who are you?

“We had loads of fun using Draw Sounds here at the studio!”

Todd St. John - Designer & Founder

“I’ve used Draw Sounds repeatedly with my students, they loved it and we got piles of unique drawings in every session!”

Robert Loebel - Illustrator & Uni teacher

“Draw Sounds inspired me to create something that I would have never imagined otherwise! love it.”

Tomas Garcia - Artist

“I host live-drawing events on a regular basis, but doing it based on sounds was a fun experience that our audience enjoyed very much!”

Lala Vox - Workshop Host

“Very easy to use and our nursery kids here love this to bits!”

Susan Edwards - Childcare Worker

“Working with sounds like this was inspiring, glad I tried it!”

Ian Macarthur - Illustrator

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The intuitive, Draw Sounds application works in all major browsers on any internet connected desktop computer and mobile device.

Screen capture: Quickly swiping through sound 1-3 on iPhone

Our sounds inspired thousands of doodles and drawings and we share some of our users amazing #drawsounds drawings on our instagram!

  • Creativity & imagination
    "What we imagine hearing can change what we actually see, and what we imagine seeing can change what we actually hear.”
  • How sound triggers memory
    Our brain immediately reacts to sounds, starting from the earliest sounds of our childhood. while still in the mothers womb. Did you know that scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function? It works with the amygdala, which regulates the emotions and brain stem. This means that sounds can affect our breathing,…
  • Why are “sound drawing” workshops so inspiring ?
    It can be very rewarding to collaborate on a sound drawing session with a group of people. The experience is similar to live drawing classes, but instead of a “visual motive” the session is based on listening to sounds. Since sound is deeply emotional and transports all sort of meaning and associations for humans trying to make sense of the…
draw sounds character design

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