Drawing Workshops

Why are “sound drawing” workshops so inspiring ?

It can be very rewarding to collaborate on a sound drawing session with a group of people.

The experience is similar to live drawing classes, but instead of a “visual motive” the session is based on listening to sounds.

Audience using their imagination while drawing sounds at a sound drawing workshop

Since sound is deeply emotional and transports all sort of meaning and associations for humans trying to make sense of the world, it tends to trigger associations.

Drawing a sound is incredibly creative as it allows the imagination to wander.

Who can host a sound drawing workshop?

A sound drawing workshop is perfectly suited to a college class, an arts space, a museum or a community group. The first workshop took place at the Berlin-based design & illustration festival Pictoplasma. It can be a fun activity that encourages group work as each sound is played on a continuous loop whilst the participants sketch.

Each sound has a different quality to it. The great thing about drawing sounds is that there is no right or wrong way to do it! You can spend just a couple of minutes making a quick sketch, or take a little bit longer to elaborate on a sound.

There are 60 Draw Sounds in total, and we recommend that a workshop should last around 45-60 minutes. You can run a sound workshop with any number of participants, but we recommend keeping the numbers below thirty.

Once you have listened to all the sounds, it is a good idea to share feedback. Participants can share their drawings and explain how they experienced the sound. You can let participants keep their drawings, or perhaps include some and make a wall collage of different ‘sound creatures!’