Sound Inspiration

How sound triggers memory

Our brain immediately reacts to sounds, starting from the earliest sounds of our childhood. while still in the mothers womb.

Did you know that scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function?

It works with the amygdala, which regulates the emotions and brain stem. This means that sounds can affect our breathing, our heart rate and even our digestion!

Sound helps with memory

Sound is so intrinsically connected to our emotions and the way we experience the world. This is why we can remember songs so well from many years ago, as they connect to a memory no matter how small and cause a positive or negative emotion.

Recent research has discovered that “carefully timed” sounds, like the rise and fall of waves washing against the shore, can help people remember things that they learned the previous day.

This means it is excellent for those who may want to trigger a memory, such as those helping dementia patients. Using ‘white noise’ for example, has been found to be incredibly effective for Alzheimers patients.

Draw Sounds can help the elderly utilise their hearing skills by allowing them to switch off, close their eyes, and escape into their imagination. By drawing or sketching in short bursts, it can even help them improve their dexerity and motor skills.

Want to try drawing a variety of weird and wonderful sounds?