Get inspired by listening to a sound while drawing

Did you know that rather than focusing on a photo or visual reference, listening to a sound while drawing can immediately trigger all sorts of associations and visual ideas?

It is guaranteed that everyone’s associations and interpretations will be unique and so will the resulting drawings. 

When drawing freely, you can overcome “creative block” and experience drawing from a new angle.


A drawing made by listening to a sound

Why use sound?

Listening to a sound gets you ‘in the zone’ and increases focus. When listening on headphones, there are no distractions and you get fully immersed in drawing. 

You can proceed at your own pace, spend 30 minutes to get a more detailed drawing with one sound or go through them more quickly. 

Draw a sound everyday, or do a longer session – it’s completely up to you! 

The sounds have a huge variety and characteristics and each one can inspire many character designs and drawings.

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While there’s a lot of tutorials and content available about drawing techniques, Draw Sounds can be done in any style and technique. It is simply about triggering the imagination in a focused and free manner.

Who is it useful for?

Artists, character designers, Illustrators and other art professionals and hobbyists have used the technique of listening to a sound to get inspiration in a new and exciting way.

“We had loads of fun using Draw Sounds here at the studio!”

Todd St. John - Designer & Founder

“I’ve used Draw Sounds repeatedly with my students, they loved it and we got piles of unique drawings in every session!”

Robert Loebel - Illustrator & Uni teacher

“Draw Sounds inspired me to create something that I would have never imagined otherwise! love it.”

Tomas Garcia - Artist

“I host live-drawing events on a regular basis, but doing it based on sounds was a fun experience that our audience enjoyed very much!”

Lala Vox - Workshop Host

“Very easy to use and our nursery kids here love this to bits!”

Susan Edwards - Childcare Worker

“Working with sounds like this was inspiring, glad I tried it!”

Ian Macarthur - Illustrator

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