Want to give others the experience of Drawing Sounds?

It’s a great group activity, and can be lots of fun. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities, because there is really no limit to your imagination!

Here’s some types of organisations who use Draw Sounds:


Support children to develop their creative ability

Draw Sounds is a great way to enable children to explore their creativity, develop their artistic skills, and can also be used as a calming or fun activity.

When hearing the sounds, children can utilise their imagination and express themselves freely through sketching.

Hosting your own Draw Sounds Workshop can be a really fun way to engage with kids, and it can help them feel included when working in a group setting, as any ethnicity, gender, or age group can participate.

It’s really easy to host your session, all you need is a device connected to the internet, a speaker, and some paper and pencils!


Bring creativity to life through sound

Are you interested in hosting Draw Sounds Workshops for the general public, staff, or community groups?

You might be a member of a gallery, museum, creative arts space, or art club.

Hosting your own Draw Sounds Workshop is a really fun and unique way to allow your group to express themselves, use their imaginative skills, and encourage participation. Participants can share their drawing and explain how they interpreted the sound.

It’s a bit like life drawing, but from an auditory perspective

Take your audience  through a wide variety of over 60 unique sounds, using our easy to use Draw Sounds player.

A Draw Sounds Workshop is also suitable for those with learning difficulties and impaired social skills, in order to help them focus and find meaning from creativity.

It’s perfect to include as part of an ongoing arts programme, festival or curated series.

 Who we’ve worked with:

“We had loads of fun using Draw Sounds here at the studio!”

Todd St. John - Designer & Founder

“I’ve used Draw Sounds repeatedly with my students, they loved it and we got piles of unique drawings in every session!”

Robert Loebel - Illustrator & Uni teacher

“Draw Sounds inspired me to create something that I would have never imagined otherwise! love it.”

Tomas Garcia - Artist

“I host live-drawing events on a regular basis, but doing it based on sounds was a fun experience that our audience enjoyed very much!”

Lala Vox - Workshop Host

“Very easy to use and our nursery kids here love this to bits!”

Susan Edwards - Childcare Worker

“Working with sounds like this was inspiring, glad I tried it!”

Ian Macarthur - Illustrator

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